Life , Don’t talk to me about life…………..

Kudos if you know where the quote in the title comes from.

It’s been a while, and that’s because not much has been happening. To be honest it’s been quiet because both Babyslut and I are having trouble with our new situation (Both BDSM and unemployment!!).

 I mentioned that I was having issues with self respect having worked for 30 years and suddenly not having a job. This in turn made me question if Babyslut could respect me. I think we have worked through this now but I did feel she was not serious about BDSM as she was constantly placing obstacles in my way and most of the things she said she wanted me to do have gone by the wayside.I told her that I felt she needed to convince me that she wanted this. I still feel that she tends to cherry pick the parts that she likes. Having said that the basic rules are in place and this could be seen as a failing on my part for being too lenient.

So, along with the problems her strange working hours create I guess we are going to have to work at this a little harder. Meantime she assures me she is committed to the d/s life and we can work at it.

Onward and upward.


No posts recently due to many things. First Babyslut works odd hours while I am still unemployed. Add to that the fact that we both have bad colds.

Her hours mean that we both work on a different time frame and that the wind down she needs after work gets in the way. We do the basic punishments but the more exotic stuff has to wait.

Add to this is the problems unemployment brings. I always had pride in the fact that I have worked for 30 years+ so this is not doing my self respect any good. How can I demand respect when my self respect is taking a battering.

I guess that this will work out but I am really having issues with real life v BDSM.


No posts recently because the training went astray. This was due to a massive argument which almost caused a return to Vanilla. Whilst neither of us wanted that there were issues which needed addressing. The end result, once we calmed down and talked it over, was a set of rules. As we had been married for many years we initially felt we wouldn’t need them. Having realised this was not the case we have now written some rules which govern both of our roles. Let’s hope it’s a foundation for the future.

Of course all this is set against the backdrop of my continued lack of employment, and the ensuing panic attacks etc about money. It is stressful for both of us. I had assumed I would find work quickly but this is not so. That is in the lap of the gods so I keep applying and hoping.

Meantime we are back into a more stable training regime based on some concrete rules that we can live with and further our enjoyment of this relationship.

Saturday night’s alright.

We went to the social club last night. It’s an ex conservative club tucked up an alley attached to a local pub. Here all pubs were coaching inns and had an alley where the coaches would access the stables.The club used to be stables and the mews.

So on Saturday Babyslut dresses sexy, I choose her clothes and she goes out dressed to kill. We spend the evening getting pleasantly drunk, the only disadvantage is that we can’t live the lifestyle there. It’s just a social club. Most of the men there are over 50 and a lot over 65. I think we could be talking heart attacks if we tried.

We go there and back by train. Babyslut is getting daring but trains have cameras. We might even brave that but someone always sits opposite us. We do go through several dark areas and Babyslut had her skirt round her waist twice last night. She is so hot. The session when we got home pushed a lot of boundaries.

Anyway it’s Sunday and I am aiming for a lazy one so that’s it for now.

Happy sunday all.